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Premium Systems

PSI Water Filters warrant any premium system purchase to the original purchaser for 10 years (120 months)

PSI Water Filters warrant any premium system purchase to the original purchaser for 10 years (120 months)

Standard Systems

PSI Water Filters warrant any standard system purchase to the original purchaser for 3 years (36 months)

PSI Water Filters values every customer

  • PSI Water Filter Services (“The Warrantor”) makes no claims or offers no warranties other that those detailed herein. The benefits of this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies covering the product line under the Trade Practices Act (CTH) 1974.
  • This warranty is available only to original purchasers of new packaged water purifies carrying our PSI Water Filter Services brand name. It does not extend to the resale of second-hand or demonstration models, or to alternative brand or unbranded goods, or to any replacement parts, cartridges, or components, manufactured by and/or sold by PSI Water Filter Services.
  • This warranty applies for a period of 36 months (standard models) & 120 months (Premium models)from the date of purchase of our product, from an authorised dealer, against defect in material of workmanship.
  • The following damages and defects are excluded from this warranty to the extent that they are the result of acts of the purchaser, or persons other than the warrantor.
    • Repairs or modifications attempted by personnel not authorised by the warrantor.
    • Damage or impaired performance resulting from misuse, abuse, breakage, neglect or accident.
  • This warranty does not cover:-
    • Disposable in-line filters or any cartridges or membranes
    • Loss, expense or damage caused by use on water supplies in excess of 35 degrees C.
    • Loss, expense or damage caused by freezing .
    • Loss, expense or damage caused by failure to use a suitable pressure limiting/anti-hammer device.
    • External components to the main filter system, such as - pressure limiting devices, transformers, ball valves, mains connection systems $ ballasts, these are manufacturer warranty.

Cartridge Change Periods

PSI Water Filters warrant any premium system purchase to the original purchaser for 10 years (120 months)

Why should I change them so often?

The cartridges we sell are of excellent quality, our lowest treatment rate cartridge we stock is often comparable to the highest from other suppliers on the internet.

There are some real rubbish cartridges around and they often throw in a bit of resin to treat for lead, this means they can state their cartridge treats for lead, which is not a lie, but fail to substantiate just how much and at what flow rate they will treat at.
The higher the figure for the amount of litres that a carbon cartridge will treat for chlorine is generally an indication of it's capacity to treat for other nasties in your water.

Chlorine is one of the easiest substances that carbon can remove from your water but a cartridge rated for 15,000 litres of chlorine will only be effective at treating other substances such as chloroform for 1000 litres, so can you imagine the performance of a cartridge that treats chlorine for 2,000 litres and it's effect at treating the other chemicals in the water.

The better cartridges treat at a higher rate for longer. Take the chlorine figure of just about any cartridge and divide by 5 and you will have a more realistic treatment rate for the cartridge you are using or considering. It gets worse, these low performance cartridges we are offered to buy all the time and originate from Asia and have a wholesale purchase price of $2.30 each.

They mostly contain cellulose (wood fibre) and are a health risk in themselves as the cellulose begins to breakdown (rot) in the housing with bacteria finding the rotting cellulose a favourable environment and multiplying. We don't stock these cartridges and never will.

To use an old saying "compare apples with apples" it looks like an apple so it must be an apple. Use specification sheets and compare cartridges, if a supplier doesn't show specification sheets then there must be something to hide.