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Matrikx ™ PB1 20 X 4.5 Inch-PFAS

  • Chloramine & Chlorine reduction
  • Lead & Heavy metals rated
  • PFAS rated
  • 0.5 micron

Cartridges - Whole House

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The Premier Performer, combines the fine particulate of 0.5 micron with heavy metal reduction particular lead. This cartridge is the only one for children or if new pipes have been installed. This impressive cartridge will treat chlorine for 158000 litres and treat lead for 64300 litres and will treat for Cryptosporidium and Giardia at >99.984% These cartridges are independently tested and certified for performance claims. 

20" x 4.5" (507 x 115mm)

Lead a heavy metals removal

PFAS reduction

Chlorine and Chloramine removal

product comes complete, ready for installation.


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