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Sold in 2 kg bags which is enough more than required for a re-fill. Silver nitrate impregnated carbon won't allow bacteria to grow on the carbon surface, ideal for un-chlorinated water.

Water Filtration System

It is very important to ensure that the water filtration system you install for your home is very effective in getting rid of all contaminants. As mentioned, there are many contaminants that can make your water unsafe for use; basically they could either be in the form of living organisms for example viruses, bacteria and the like; or non-living agents like chloroform, heavy metals among others.

When it comes to making a choice of the kind of water filtration system that you need there are certain things that you will have to put into consideration. First and foremost you need to ask yourself whether you want to purify water from all the outlets in your home or just particular outlets; that is, are you going to filter drinking water alone or both drinking water and shower water.

With the knowledge that there are both living and non-living contaminants, you should consequently purchase a filtration system that effectively takes care of both according to your needs. There are certain filtration systems that can only filter out certain contaminants and not others. You should endeavour to go for systems that can get rid of a wide range contaminants for maximum safety.