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The RO-040-4750-WM is designed and manufactured by PSI Filters and produces up to 4750 litres per day (3.3 lpm). It is an affordable high output reverse osmosis system with an adjustable reject water ratio. The on-board pump boosts pressure up to 140 psi (980kpa) and is adjustable.

We supply this unit in a small frame to reduce both manufacturing and shipping costs but its performance is not small for a unit of this size. The unit is shipped with australia post eparcel. Can be shipped express post but a quote would need to be supplied by PSI First. The Beauty about the size of this unit is that it can be sent in a box rather than on a pallet like the 040-4750. For this unit allow a minimum of 1 week before it is dispatched.

We have produced this model to compete with the Asian sourced units but on the whole using better quality components such as a U.S. sourced electric motor and Procon pump, genuine Jaco gripper series fittings and genuine John Guest tubing and fittings and Dow Filmtec membrane.

The unit uses the 10" x 4.5" big blue type housings with a sediment filter and a extruded carbon block. This system is mounted seperatly to the main RO unit, these are supplied with the unit.

The membrane housing is in stainless steel with the Vontron ULP21-4021 or Dow Filmtec XLE-4021(Upgrade) extra low energy membrane (higher performance at lower pressures).

The U.S. sourced electric motor to drive the Procon 102A125F11BB125 pressure pump is a ½ HP Marathon Carbonator motor with both 115 and 240 volt and supplied as 240 volt.

Supplied with twin pressure gauges, one gives the in-feed pressure from your water supply and the second gives the pressure being applied to the membrane after the Procon booster pump.

Supplied with twin electronic flow meters which give a digital readout of the flow rate for product and reject water flow rates as well as the ability to be programed to do a litre count down if you wish.

Dual point TDS meter (total dissolved solids) which reads the supply water TDS and the product water TDS.

The reject (waste) water ratio can be adjusted with the supplied needle valve so the unit waste ratio can be adjusted to suit the hardness of the supply water. In many cases the recovery ratio can be as high as 80% (20% waste) but that would be on water with a hardness below 400 ppm TDS, as the hardness increases so does the waste ratio. If this unit is to be connected to bore type of water a water test should be supplied so we can advise. The unit is not suitable for water above 2500 ppm TDS. It pays to have a water test done and include a test for silica (Si) or silicon (Si)2) because these are both bad for all reverse osmosis systems.

This model is also available as a auto shut off model making it a high production automatic model, the auto model is $4700 also optional is large pressurised storage tanks in 38 and 75 litre sizes which pricing can be supplied for if they are required.

The option to up-grade the carbon pre-filter is going from a carbon pre-filter rated to remove about 50,000 litres for chlorine at 1ppm to a carbon cartridge rated to remove 500,000 litres of chlorine at 1ppm. The total volume is the pure water and waste water combined. Failure to change the carbon cartridge in time can result in a chlorine damaged membrane which is terminal for the membrane.

The picture shows the auto version.

Allow 1-2 weeks before dispatch can take place as they are made to order.


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