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This slimline 4 stage undersink reverse osmosis is a slimline type, It has the Dow Filmtek 50 gallon per day membrane (200 litre) this system is Watermarked for plumbing code.

Comes with 9 litre stainless steel tank.

Comes with "E" model style faucet.

Includes braided mains connection

With these systems we supply the 550kpa pressure limiting valve with dual check valves which is a plumbing code requirement, the valve is also Watermark AS1357-2 licence no 02596 as the watermark is also a plumbing code requirement.

Main filter unit dimensions: 42cm high, 42cm wide and 12 cm deep.

Click here to jump to the re-order for the correct annual trio pack of cartridges.

Click here to jump to the re-order for the correct membrane changed usually at the 4th year.

Substance treatment rates below for TFC reverse osmosis, click here for a full list in PDF.


The 960 system comes standard with the plastic storage tank which we know over time has some problems so we ordered the system to be up-graded to have the 9 litre stainless steel tank, this cost us extra but it is a way better tank.

We also choose the 680 because it has fitted as standard the Dow Filmtec 50 gpd membrane, the Dow Filmtec is one of the two best membrane manufacturers in the world and because it is what is called a dry packed membrane.

The 680 are very easy to service and maintain and is compact.

This reverse osmosis system is Watermarked so no problem with plumber installation.