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Whole House System WH-002-RF-Silver (un-chlorinated water system for Tanks, Dams and soft water bores).

Whole House System WH-002-RF-Silver (un-chlorinated water system for Tanks, Dams and soft water bores). This systems first stage uses a 20" big white housing with a 1, 5 or 20 micron polyspun sediment filter. The second stage uses a 20" big white housing with a GAC Silver  carbon cartridge for chemical treatment.
The re-fillable carbon cartridge has silver nitrate impregnated carbon. If a standard carbon cartridge is used on un-chlorinated water  (without a UV steraliser) the carbon simply becomes a bacteria breeding ground. Silver nitrate doesn't allow bacteria to grow on it's surfaces.
These housings are the Genuine PENTEK units. Big White housings are rated to 90 psi pressure and the system includes the two cartridges, two housings, powder coated wall bracket, housing spanner,  housings are 1" BSP or 25mm thread Female.

This system uses a re-fillable carbon cartridge, this system is very cheap to run. It costs just $60 for the 4 litres (2 kg) of silver carbon required to re-fill the carbon cartridge. The sediment filter used with the system is a polyspun sediment filter which is $60 to replace and generally lasts up to 12 months in service. Service life of both cartridges will depend on the water supply and how dirty the water is etc.

Effective treatment for-



Colour, taste and odour

Creosote (From wood burning fires)

Suspended solids- Rust, algae, dirt, dust and particals

VOC's ( Volatile organic compounds)


720 mm Tall (allow an extra 50mm below the housings to change the cartridges)

400 mm Wide

200 mm Deep

Treatment Rate/ Flow Rate-

Treatment rate 25LPM

Flow Rate Up to 60LPM

If you would like to purchase extra cartridges or parts with the system here are the links:

Polyspun sediment filter

Pleated sediment filter

Silver Gac replacement

1" Ball valve

product comes complete, ready for installation.

 Housing specifications

How do I perform water tank testing?

Most consumers can attest to the fact that they have one time or another found their bathrooms with blue/green stains. These stains are as a result of dissolved copper in the water. This happens when you have copper pipes in the house. They are usually eroded as a result of the water being acidic and corroding the pipes.

This therefore requires our consumers to conduct tank water testing from time to time. This means that they have to check to acidic level/PH level of the water often to avoid the acidic level of the water in the tank from rising and corroding the copper pipes.

There are several ways in which the consumer can check for the PH level in the water tank and correct it. Our company can offer tank water filters which involve a special stage that contains coral sand and calcite that will help to correct the PH level in your water tank. On the other hand, the consumer can correct the PH level on their own.

They can do this by using burnt lime. They should mix the burn lime in a bucket of water and pr it into their water tank. Once they have done this, they should try and mix the water with a long shovel ensuring that the sediments in the water tank are not disturbed. The water should be left to settle for two days then test the acidic level using a PH test lit. This can be bought at local pet stores.

They should not purchase the test strips from their local chemists because they tend to show inaccurate results. Our company cannot tell you exactly the amount of burnt lime to use for your water tank because the PH levels and water tank volumes vary. Other ways of solving the PH issues include using seashells. They can be put in the tank and the acidic water will instead act on the shells and not the copper pipes.