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This Top Aqua 40 watt UV system is made from 304 stainless steel and is rated to steralise at up to 40 litres per minute.

Comes with main body, electronic ballast (transforner), quartz sleeve, sleeve O rings, Ultraviolet bulb and 2 surface mounting clips.

Rated for pressures up to 700kpa (100psi) and has 3/4" male threaded ports.

UV light is split into 4 main categories, UVA, UVB, UVC and Vacuum UV. The UV spectrum (200-280 nanometers) is the most lethal range of wavelengths for micro-organisms. This range, with 254 nanometers being the peak germicidal wavelength is known as the germicidal spectrum. UV-C light has the ability to cause permanent damage to a wide variety of nuisance micro-organisms in water by breaking their cell wall and disrupting their DNA.

UVC Benefits

Micro-organisms inactivated within seconds, no harmful chemicals or by-products.

UV is a non-hazardous, green technology.

Safe and fast disinfection

Replacement Globes

Replacement quartz sleeve

Replacement o-ring for quartz sleeve

Replacement ballast

If you are thinking that because this unit costs less that the Aqua Pro 175 series it is lower in quality, well you would be wrong, it is more powerful and we think better made.


Lamp Length- 843mm