350-UV Twin Under sink Water Filter System Steriliser system

  • Bacteria & Ecoli Reduction
  • Lead & Heavy Metals Reduction
  • USA Housings
  • 10 Yr Warranty

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The 350-UV Twin Under sink Water Filter System Steriliser system is the perfect choice when it comes to achieving clean and healthy water for your home. This filter system uses advanced ultraviolet technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and other contaminants from your water, so you can rest assured your family is being provided with safe, healthy water. With its easy under sink installation, this system is sure to improve your drinking water experience.

Suitable for Tank, Bore, Stream and river water where unknown quality of water is present.

Version 2.0 now released with in build flow switch. The UV will only turn on when required limiting the use of power and not heating the water as much as previous models. If you have an older version of this system, these can be converted to having a flow switch. If this is something that is of interest to you please get in contact. 

The traditional method of using a ceramic cartridge do not work very well as they can block (Bio-Film) in as little as 2 weeks.

We supplied many combinations of various filters free to some of our customers around Australia to find an effective system that was economical to run and it works with great results. Using a polyspun 1 micron (nominal) sediment filter first, then a 12 watt UV sterilizer and a Nano silver  carbon cartridge for chemical removal.

The real problem with un-chlorinated water is the presents of harmful bacteria and Giardia Cysts. The traditional method of using very fine filters is that they are a strainer and don't kill harmful elements so they accumulate in the system alive and can multiply.

We know this approach is not the cheapest way but it is the most effective and in the long run cheaper to operate. The UV Light is a Top Aqua 12 watt ultraviolet stainless steel sterilizer with a  flow rate up to 3.8 litres per minute.  UV output 16.7 u/cm and 12 watt at 24 volts (includes ballast)

Please keep in mind this system will slightly warm the water due to the UV light.

Running costs:

Uv Bulb $50.00 (9000hrs or 12 months)

Sediment filter and carbon filter $47.50 (dependent on water quality but up to 12 month service life)

Product dimensions:

32 cm wide, 37 cm high and 14 cm deep

System includes: Filter system and filters/uv, Tubing, Mains connection kit and filtered water tap.

Optional faucet range:

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10 year warranty

Replacement Cartridges & Spares suitable for the 350UV system:

Polyspun sediment filter 1 micron

Nano silver carbon cartridge

Uv Globe

Uv Ballast- Version 1.0 only