Boss-020b-Uv 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System With Uv Sterilisation

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This unit is designed for Tank, Dam or Bore water that is normally not chlorinated, if the water is not chlorinated a carbon filter is not required.

50 GPD/ 200 litre per day genuine Dow Filmtec membrane @50 psi, 300 LPD @ 100 psi

Quality housings. Certified Australian Standard AS 3497

Powder Coated wall bracket

For membrane treatment rates click here.

5 Micron food grade polyspun sediment filter 9 ¾" (248mm) (standard size)

1 Micron food grade polyspun sediment filter 9 ¾" (248mm) (standard size)

Dow Filmtec TFC Membrane ( standard by which all other membranes are measured)

Unit size, 42 cm high, 35 cm wide & 13 cm deep

12 Watt Stainless UV Steriliser unit ( Please note pictured is the old model UV)

Exclusive combination membrane flushing valve/flow restrictor, extends membrane life and purity

Installation connection- 3/4" Laundry Tap Connection

3 year warranty

Replacement cartridge set (set = 2) if ordered with unit $12.00)

Minimum operating pressure is 40 psi (280KPA)

product comes complete, ready for installation.