Boss-Q-003 With The Omnipure Q5515 Carbon Block Filter

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Boss-Q-003 with the Omnipure Q5515 carbon block filter, 0.5-1 micron for fine filtration for up to 4,700 litres for chlorine, lead, taste and odour removal, rating for Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts.

10 year warranty

Replacement cartridge Q5515

Click here for how Countertop systems are connected and operate

Product comes complete, ready for installation.

Not suitable for un-chlorinated water supplies.

These countertop systems will fit a standard size aerator thread. A standard sized aerator is 13/16th (21mm) if the thread on the spout is male or using the supplied adapter if the thread in the spout is female and is 15/16th (24mm) diameter. If the aerator thread is not standard size these units will not fit.


Countertop filters are considered the most suitable system to use by every household in a rental type situation. The system is very effective when it comes to removing harmful components that go with the drinking water. This mechanism of the system is made possible through the use of a kind of fibre that can filter any harmful substances in the water no matter how minute their size can be.

Other than being effective in filtering out those minute harmful substances that make the water unsafe for drinking, counter top filters can look great in your kitchen and at the same time can filter huge amount of water for the entire family. The counter top filter gives is safe, dirt-free, chemical-free, and good for the health of everyone.