Chloramine Coconut Carbon Bag 12.5KG

  • Chloramine Reduction
  • 12.5Kg Bulk Bag
  • NSF Certified

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Chloramine Coconut Carbon Bulk Buy Bag 12.5Kg

12x40 Mesh Catalytic, Acid Washed Coconut Shell Granular Activated
Carbon packed in 12.5kg bags

ACOC–L60 CAT Activated Carbon (GAC) is manufactured from select grades
of coconut shell, and developed through an advanced process, to primarily
off er enhanced performance capabilities over coal base catalytic carbon
Specifi cally produced to target Chloramines, Hydrogen Sulfides, and Hydrogen
Peroxides, ACOC-L60 CAT provides improved water quality results through
the removal of chlorine, TCE, PCE, THM’s, Phenols, pesticides, detergents, taste
and odor. Offering higher adsorption capacity with extensive micropore
structure, the coconut shell base material also offers lower ash content and
superior hardness levels. This results in greater bed life longevity and reduced
frequency of replacement, decreasing the overall removal and replacement

 Suitable for areas treated with chloramine