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Counter top quick connect/disconnect

New to the market is our custom locally manufactured quick connect/disconnect system.  This connection is a great solution for anyone with a counter top filter system where they can remove the filter system quickly and store away in a cupboard. Using a dry break system, the diverter is able to be left in place on the end of the kitchen tap.


Connection total width from the side of the diverter -92mm (1st and 3rd photos)

Connection without the filter system connected-46mm (2nd and 4th photos)


These countertop systems will fit a standard size aerator thread. A standard sized aerator is 13/16th (22mm) if the thread on the spout is male or using the supplied adapter if the thread in the spout is female and is 15/16th (24mm) diameter. If the aerator thread is not standard size these units will not fit.