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Tube to male pipe elbow 1/4" Tube to NPT gripper series- Available in various sizes & types. Genuine American (not Chinese copy)


Tube to male pipe elbow - To choose your specific type please select the appropriate type from the options available on this page. product comes complete, ready for installation.

Different types of Jaco plastic fitting available with PSI Filters

The different jaco plastic fittings available include:

  • Male and Female connectors
  • Male branch and run Tees
  • Tee unions
  • Bulkhead Unions
  • Male and Female Elbows
  • Union reducing Elbows

Male and Female connectors (Adaptors)

Male and female connectors are available in four different material forms including Nylon, Celcon, Polypropylene and Kynar. Based on the tube Outer Diameter and the pipe thread size, you could choose the appropriate sized Male and Female connectors. By getting in to the online portal of Psi systems, you could refer a selection chart that would help you to choose the right male and female connectors.

Male and Female Elbows

Male and Female elbows are also available in four different plastic material form and you could choose the one that fits your piping requirement.

Unions and reducing Unions (Joiners)

Tube to tube joiners is available in different sizes and materials. The different sizes available include:

  • 1/4 inch tube to 1/4 inch tube
  • 3/8 inch tube to 3/8 inch tube
  • 3/8 inch tube to 1/4 inch tube
  • 1/2 inch tube to 1/2 inch tube
  • 1/2 inch tube to 3/8 inch tube

Bulkhead unions

This fitting comes with identical head on both sides of the fitting. They are also made out of four different plastic materials. You could choose the material based on the domestic application for which it is going to be used.

Standard packs

These fittings are available in standard packs in four different formats. The package types include:

  • Assembled Jaco fittings
  • Body only Jaco fittings
  • Nuts
  • Accessories