Omnipure OMB934-5M + 1 Micron Polyspun Sediment

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Omnipure OMB934-5M, is a workhorse carbon filter. Omnipure cartridges are one only a few manufacturers left in America.

The Omnipure OMB-934-5M is a 10 micron absolute (5 micron nominal) coconut extruded carbon cartridge. Chlorine removal rating at greater than 95% 37,000 litres.

Complies to NSF standard 42, pressure drop at 3 litres per minute 2 psi.

This pair of cartridges is a replacement for the Polyspun 1 micron and Omnipure OMB934-5M (USA made)

Includes a complete set of sediment, and carbon cartridges to replace existing cartridges.

Data Sheet

product comes complete, ready for installation.