Psi-020a 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Wall Mount Unit

Regular price $325.00
Regular price $325.00
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This unit allows you to adjust the output hardness to the environmental requirements of your fish, by-pass water is carbon filtered for fish health. Production rate of up to 400lpd at 50PSI. If you have higher pressure than 50PSI the production rate will be increase even higher.

This unit comes complete ready to start work. Membrane is a Filmtec PA (TFC) membrane and pre Filters are 1 micron sediment  filter and Omnipure OMB934-5M coconut carbon cartridge or Matrikx CTO (Chloramine Removal). Included is a dual in-line TDS meter. A  Laundry Tee 3/4" fitting is supplied standard.

3 year warranty

Replacement cartridges price with us $38.00 (set) or (replacement cartridge set if ordered with unit $25.00)

For membrane treatment rates click here.

Product comes complete, ready for installation.