PSI-021-4P 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Premium Model

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American QMP housings,Filmtec USA made membrane,Omnipure Carbon pre & post filters

This Reverse Osmosis Undersink 4 Stage model PSI-021-4P is a premium low waste 1 to 1 ratio unit featuring the exclusive membrane flushing. It has the Dow Filmtec 300 litre per day TFC membrane, the 300 litres is rated at 50 psi. Optional ALKALIZER

Click here to download a sample of the installation instructions pdf format

Substance treatment rates for TFC reverse osmosis, click here for a full list in PDF.
Replacement trio of cartridges (ROCDU-02) which is the annual change are $65.00

Optional with in-line re-mineraliser (ALKALIZER) making it a 5 stage extra $30.00

See faucet (tap) range, click here to view.

Supplied with QMP-300-HP U.S.A. made housing 10" Australian Standards AS3497 with 1/4" NPT threaded ports. This housing is tough with a burst strength of 575psi (4000kpa) and is tested to AS3497 which means it has been tested from 0 to 700kpa and back to 0 kpa 100,000 times without failure, cracking or distortion.

With these premium systems we supply the 550kpa pressure limiting valve with dual check valves which is a plumbing code requirement, the valve is also Watermark AS1357-2 licence no 23133 as the watermark is also a plumbing code requirement.

We supply the 550pa PLV with the premium system so the filter system runs faster than other units on the market.

It has the Dow Filmtec 300 litre per day TFC membrane, the 300 litres is rated at 50 psi (350 kpa) but will produce up to 450 litres per day higher pressures, what this means is the system will fill faster than most systems on the market. This system has an auto shut-off device that closes off the in-feed supply when the storage tank has filled.

All components are NSF certified to standards 042, 053 & 058

Highest Quality QMP-300 US housings, standard size 10 inch (9 ¾" (248mm) NSF certified (worlds leading certification authority) NSF/ANSI standard 042 certification, also tested and certified to Australian Standards 3497

Removes 96 to 98% of Fluoride, for membrane treatment rates click here.

Click here to jump to the re-order for the correct annual trio pack of cartridges.
Click here to jump to the re-order for the correct membrane changed usually at the 4th year.
If your system has the in-line re-mineraliser/alkaliser fitted click here for that replacement cartridge, normally changed every second year.
1 Micron food grade polyspun sediment filter 9 ¾" (248mm) (standard size) U.S. made

Omnipure OMB934-5M coconut quality carbon cartridge 9 ¾" (248mm) 37,000 litres chlorine rating, U.S. made

Genuine Omnipure CL10RO-T40 Coconut carbon post filter, highest quality possible. U.S. made

Genuine Dow Filmtec TFC Membrane (standard by which all other membranes are measured)

Main filter unit size, 42 cm high, 35 cm wide & 14 cm deep.

9 litre stainless steel storage tank (exceeds drinking water guidelines) NSF Certified. If space is an issue we also offer a 4.2 litre or 12 litre tank, click here for tank details.

4.2L - 33cm high and 20.5cm diameter

9L - 39cm high and 24cm diameter

12L- 39cm high and 27.5cm diameter

Premium systems now have the lowest waste ratio of all systems on the Australian market, using a Patented combination membrane flushing valve/flow restrictor means the waste ratio is about 50% less waste than other brands, waste ratio is now about 1 to 1.

Click here to obtain more information about waste ratios

Installation choice 1/2" tee olive fitting, 3/4"dishwasher adapter or 1/2" easy fit braided line flick mixer adapter, our systems take the average handyman 1/2 to 1 hour to install

Mains connect systems click here to view how each are installed

550 kpa pressure limiting valve, genuine QMP Stainless Steel dedicated faucet. Housing spanner to ease cartridge changes. Replacement set of cartridges.

10 year warranty

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PSI Systems are Better Than Other Brands, click here to find out why

All reverse osmosis systems require a minimum pressure of 40 psi (280kpa) with 50 psi (350kpa) or more is ideal. If you are unsure what your pressure is check with your local Council or water authority.

If you option to have the hand held TDS meter beware that the system will have an elevated reading due to having the reminerliser cartridge.

Product comes complete, ready for installation.

Be aware that there are now Chinese copies of Dow Filmtec membranes being passed off as genuine and it is very difficult to tell them apart. In response to this Dow Filmtec have now put a serial number on each membrane so you can go on their site to see if what you have purchased is a genuine article, they also have put a hologram on the membranes as well.

On receipt of your system you can remove the membrane if you wish and check that is genuine and register the product.

Substance treatment rates for TFC reverse osmosis, click here for a full list in PDF.

The PSI-021-4P is the base unit for all our premium models so they are all very similar with variations between the various models mostly with added features to assist with monitoring.

The premium systems really are second to no other system on the market as we produce them to not give warranty issues. Both the customer and ourselves don’t want warranty issues, for the customer it is inconvenient and possible damaging to their home and for PSI Water Filters it is expensive to fix warranty issues so we source the most reliable parts available on the market based on quality not the lowest price.

The faucets (taps) we supply with the systems are all NSF tested for standard 42 which means they contain no contaminating material. About 90% of the faucets supplied by sellers are the non NSF tested ones and will contain between 6 to 11% lead. The faucet manufacturers offer the faucets in both NSF and non NSF with the non NSF ones looking exactly the same as the certified ones and the non NSF ones cost about half the cost of the NSF certified ones. The difference in manufacturing is the non NSF ones are made from recycled brass with almost no contamination control, the NSF certified ones are made from new material so the contaminates can be eliminated.

The housings we use in the Premium range of reverse osmosis that we manufacture are made by QMP in America, these housings are just about bullet proof as they have a burst strength of 575 psi which is 4000 kpa pressure which is way beyond the load that is placed on them when in use. Premium housings such as the QMP ones cost more and we do prefer to buy reliable components than purchase cheaper parts and risk failures, we find it interesting that some of our competitors do use inferior parts and try and pass them off as equal or even better.

The tubing we use is made by John Guest which is a British company and recognized as the best in the world for this product type. The John Guest tubing is NSF standard 61 and pressure rated, you can tell the genuine John Guest tubing as it is printed with their name on the tubing with the pressure ratings and the NSF listing as well.

The fittings use on the filter system is a mixture of both John Guest and Jaco gripper series fittings. The John Guest fittings are used where the owner need to service the unit.

We use the John Guest fittings in these locations for their ease of use for the customers benefit, the Jaco Fittings are the genuine gripper series and these are used in areas where the tube is near radius turns, there are also easy to use. We use only the genuine Jaco and John Guest fittings for their reliability and certification not to contain plastic residues, most other systems on the market use the Asian copies of these fittings.

The storage tank is totally sealed from the environment so contamination from harmful elements is impossible. The tanks are NSF standard 42 certified not to contain any elements that could contaminate the water, anywhere the water can touch the tank is made of 304 stainless steel, the section of the tank is made of enamel coated steel. The system is supplied with a genuine John Guest RO tank ball valve.

The premium systems are supplied with a combination flush valve with flow restrictor, when the valve is open it is a membrane flushing valve and when in the closed position it is a flow restrictor to control the flow rate of the rejected contaminated water often called the waste water. This valve allows the system to run with a lower waste water ratio to minimize water wastage as not all the water in the waste line is contaminated but a minimum amount is needed to keep the membrane from becoming calcified by calcium and salt in the water. The membrane flushing valve allows the owner to easily clean the membrane with the turn of the valve handle which saves the need for a costly service person to come and flush the membrane for you.

The cartridges used in the reverse osmosis units are American as they make the best and again we only use NSF standard 42 certified cartridges so the materials that the cartridges are made of contain no contaminates which would compromise the water quality.

Maximum infeed tds of 500ppm is required. If to be installed on feed water above this medium waste ratio will be required. 

The membrane is made by Dow Filmtec which is the world’s leader in Reverse Osmosis membranes.

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