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5 Stage reverse osmosis with PI cartridge to give a PH of 8. American QMP housings, Filmtec membrane and Omnipure carbon filters.

PSI 021-Alka- Introducing our newest model to our ever increasing range of reverse osmosis systems. This system has been designed with the latest technology of the PI filters. Assembled here in Australia with quality components from countries like America.




Introducing our newest model to our ever increasing range of reverse osmosis systems. This system has been designed with the latest technology of the PI filters. Assembled here in Australia with quality components from countries like America, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
By using only quality products on our system we can offer the most reliable systems on the market.
Benefits of using our Alkahydrate filters are that it Adds beneficial minerals, including, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and trace minerals.
Promotes high level of PH in the body- helps neutralize acidic body conditions- some acidic conditions are associated with diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions. Expect to get an PH of 8
The PSI 021-Alka has a TW30-1812-75GPD membrane. This membrane will produce approximately 300 litres at 50 PSI applied pressure over a 24 hour period. If your mains supply water has a sufficient pressure the system will produce more water over the 24 hour period. The system is supplied with a membrane flushing valve. When used (Recommended to be operated every 3 months) it will flush any salt or calcium build up on the membrane prolonging the life of the membrane.
Minimum water in feed pressure for the reverse osmosis system to operate is 40 PSI (272Kpa). Without this mains pressure you will need to have an electric pressure pump for the system. If you are unsure of your water pressure you will need to check with your local water body on what pressure you have.
This reverse osmosis system removes 98-99% of Fluoride.
This system is supplied with QMP 300-HP water filter housings. These housings have a burst strength of 575psi (4000kpa). We have found these housings to be the most reliable housing available. Even with such a highly rated housing we still supply a Pressure limiting valve with the unit. This pressure limiting valve limits the pressure that is applied to the system. As the system is under pressure 24/7 it is an essential part of any water filter system under the sink. Many systems in Australia aren’t supplied with PLV’s due to the expensive purchase price of them.
Dimensions of the main filter unit are:

52cm high,  42cm Wide and 14cm deep.

Dimensions of the storage tanks are:

4.2L- 33.5cm high x 20.5cm diameter,

9L- 39cm high x 24cm diameter ,

12L – 39cm x 29cm diameter

Click Here for Storage tank Details

When choosing a storage tank take into consideration that you can also lay the tank down . Most installations the storage tank is put into a back corner of a cupboard out of the way. The main filter unit is supplied with approxmately 2m of tubing on the storage tank line so you can place it away from the main filter unit. These sizes for the storage tanks can be optioned in the checkout. 4.2L and 9L are a no cost. The 12L is a $5.00 Upgrade. If these size tanks are not large enough for your needs we have other larger sizes available but you will need to give us a call to obtain pricing and availability of these tanks. All of the tanks that PSI Water Filters supplied are Stainless Steel and Meet NSF certification.

Stages of this system, Costs of operating the system and lifespan of the filters.
Stage one: Sediment pre filter 1 micron 10” x 2.5”(Standard Size).  6-12months
Stage two: Matrikx CTO coconut quality carbon cartridge 9 ¾" (248mm) 6-12 months
Stage Three: Reverse osmosis Membrane 75 GPD ( DOW Filmtec) 3-5 years($80.00)
Stage Four: Alkahydrate cartridge $65 every 12 months
Stage Five : Carbon Post filter ( Omnipure )
Stages One, Two and Five are sold in a package deal ROCDU-02 (CTO) for $55
Annual running costs on this system are approximately $140
Cartridge change times are dependent on water quality and usages. It is only a guide.
To connect the system to the mains in feed supplied you will need to check what type of connection you require. There are many different types of connection the PSI can supply with the water filter unit. Three of the mains connections are Braided line connection 1/2”, Dishwasher connection3/4” and Tee Olive connection ½”. The mains connection needs to be connected to cold water only. If you require a connection other than the three that the showed here, contact us and we can tailor make a connection that is suitable for your application.

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Main Products used in this system:
Housings : QMP
Storage Tank: PAE
Membrane : DOW Filmtec
Sediment prefilter : Purtrex
Carbon Prefilter: Omnipure
Carbon Post Filter: Omnipure
Fittings: John Guest or JACO
Tubing: John Guest
Faucet: QMP “C” Model
Auto Shut Off Valve : Hydramatic
Check Valve : John Guest
In feed Ball Valve: LOGI ( watermarked)