Psi-306-Pc 2 Stage Premium Undersink System

  • Chloramine Reduction
  • USA Housings & Carbon Filter
  • 10 Yr Warranty

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PSI-306-PC, with Omnipure Coconut / lead(OMB-934-1ML) is made from Coconut Shell Carbon Catalytic Carbon, which creates a better tasting water and is also rated for lead reduction for 9,800 litres. Because of the unique pore structure of this carbon, it is well suited for chemical adsorption, including Chloramine removal, VOCs, while treating chlorine and chemicals that contribute to taste, colour and odour.

Rated for Cryptosporidium and Giardia will treat up to 24,500 litres

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Replacement cartridge price with us $59.00 plus post

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What is in the box?

Supplied with QMP-300-HP U.S.A. made housing 10" Australian Standards AS3497 with 1/4" NPT threaded ports. This housing is tough with a burst strength of 575psi (4000kpa) and is tested to AS3497 which means it has been tested from 0 to 700kpa and back to 0 kpa 100,000 times without failure, cracking or distortion.

With these premium systems we supply the 550kpa pressure limiting valve with dual check valves which is a plumbing code requirement. The valve is also Watermark AS1357-2 certified.

We supply the 550kpa PLV with the premium system so the filter system runs faster than other units on the market.

Filter system dimensions: 36cm high, 26cm wide and 14cm deep

1 x twin wall mounting bracket, powder coated steel with required screws, stainless steel optional.

3 metres of Genuine John Guest tubing NSF certified food grade, 230 psi pressure rated.

2 x Genuine John Guest PI010822S 1/4" tube to 1/4" NPT speed fit fittings.

1 x AGA pressure rated 1/4 turn brass ball valve watermarked

1 x "C" model faucet, others are optional at this link, click here

1 x braided, dishwasher or brass olive tee fitting, your choice see options with pictures, click here

3 x John Guest locking clips

1 x roll plumbers thread tape

1 x housing spanner to undo housings when required

1 x NSF certified 1 micron polyspun sediment filter cartridge

1 x U.S.A. made Omnipure OMB-934-1ML carbon cartridge

1 x Instruction manual

1 x mains fitting instructions

Comes pre-assembled

Product comes complete, ready for installation.


Customer Reviews

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Made In USA. Peace of mind vs Chinese copies.

Installed in 1hr. Wasn’t too hard. After 1 week, water started tasting really good. First week, there is still some after taste as the filters ‘bed in’. Good quality unit and for Sydney folks, you don’t need anything more than a twin stage water filter. Don’t go nuts getting a 3 stage or even a RO system, it is simply not needed as Sydney water is very clean already. Only issue in Sydney water is the Chloramine after taste that this filter removes giving a great tasting water source. Made in USA, feels solid, peace of mind over cheaper Chinese copies. PSI were great to deal with. A+