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The QRO4 are often also sold under the names HydrROtwist or PuRO Twist.

The QRO4’s that we stock have the faster 75 gallon per day (300 litre) membrane compared to others which have slower membranes.

These are so easy to change the cartridges on that a 90 year old person would be able to do this so there is no need for expensive service personal, you can easily maintain this system yourself.

This system comes with a 550 kpa pressure limiting valve and your choice of mains connection kits with isolation valve, your choice of 9 different designer faucets (taps).

The QRO4 that we sell we specify that the system contains what is called a self seal valve head. What this means is you don’t need to turn the mains water off, as soon as you undo the first cartridge (Q5605) it has a valve head that turns the in-coming water off. A cartridge change could be completed in under 2 minutes.

System is supplied with John Guest speed fit fittings which are simple push in fittings to make installation a breeze.

The system is complete right down to a roll of thread sealing tape.

Is certified to NSF standards 42, 53, 58 or 61

Stage 1 is the Q5605 5 micron sediment filter

Stage 2 is the Q5640 carbon filter 

Stage 3 is the 75 GPD TFC membrane (300 lpd) 0.0005 micron pore size.

Stage 4 is the Q5640 Carbon post filter high grade polishing filter.

Available with the 4.2, 9 or 12 litre stainless steel storage tank. All storage tanks are NSF certified

Click here for tank details.

The system and the storage tank can lie on their back/side to ease installation locations and will operate in that position.

See faucet (tap) range, click here to view.

Premium systems now have the lowest waste ratio of all systems on the Australian market, The waste ratio is about 50% less waste than other brands, waste ratio is now about 1 to 1.

Click here to obtain more information about waste ratios

System Dimensions-

42 cm High

42 cm Wide

10 cm Deep


Installation choice 1/2" tee olive fitting, 3/4"dishwasher adapter or 1/2" easy fit braided line flick mixer adapter, our systems take the average handyman 1/2 to 1 hour to install

Mains connect systems click here to view how each are installed

10 year warranty

Click here for selection Advice

All reverse osmosis systems require a minimum pressure of 40 psi (280kpa) with 50 psi (350kpa) or more is ideal. If you are unsure what your pressure is check with your local Council or water authority.

Product comes complete, ready for installation.

Substance treatment rates below for TFC reverse osmosis, click here for a full list in PDF.



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