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Replacement Cartridges for the Rainshower CQ-1000 product comes complete, ready for installation.

What Are Shower Bath and Beyond Filters And What Are Their Benefits?

The concept of filtration is now not limited only to drinking water filters, but also shower water filters, Shower head filter, Shower water purifier, etc are in high demand. Now the concept of clean is beyond filters. Using proper filtration system has many benefits like the water comes directly from a water plant contains chlorine, which is unhealthy.

People absorb more chlorine from the bath than from drinking water because it has the ability to enter your body through the pores and lungs. Chlorine also can deprive your skin of natural oils, causing dryness, itching and early aging. Therefore, a water filter will help improve your skin. Moreover hair will also be not so much dry and have less dandruff. It also benefits those with coloured hair because it retains the colour longer.

Homeowners that use the water of well, filters remove hydrogen sulphide and the smell associated with it. In addition, water filters for your shower head eliminates dirt, metal traces, sediment and heavy and rust in the water. A filter also will make it easier to keep your shower and bath cleaners by balancing the pH levels, preventing scale build-up.

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