Rocdu-01 Standard Undersink Reverse Osmosis Replacement Cartridge Deal

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Includes: NSF listed 1 micron polyspun sediment cartridge, Omnipure OMB934-5M extruded carbon block 5 micron cartridge & Omnipure CL10RO-T33 high purity GAC carbon post filter cartridge.

This cartridge set is suitable for the 021-4s system. These catridges are changed every 6-12months depending on usage. They are also suitable for many other brands of systems aswell.

Please be aware this trio replacement set has been changed from the Matrikx CTO to the Omnipure OMB934-5M. The Omnipure is still american made where as the Matrikx is now made in India.

$68.00 per trio replacement set of cartridges.

Product comes complete, ready for installation.