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Triple water filter system with a re-generatable water softening cartridge.

The Caravan Triple uses cartridges in standard 10 inch size (9-3/4”).

This system has a 1 micron polyspun sediment filter, the second housing has a nano silver impregnated carbon cartridge and the third housing contains a re-fillable cartridge full of Cation resin which is water softener resin. This cartridge will remove most of the calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese.

The water softening resin can be re-used over and over as it can be regenerated using common table salt.

This system is well suited to those traveling in remote areas where hard water can be encounted, the hard water will be softened with this system and reduce the aggression that hard water places on items such as the hot water system but will also improve the taste.

Supplied with a hand held TDS meter to help you to know when the resin needs re-generating, this is an electronic device that gives a digital read out of water hardness.

Supplied with male hose connectors, click on types but can also be hard plumbed.

Replacement filters-




43cm wide, 35cm high and 14cm deep.