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Tube insert. 1/4"

Total minimum order value $20.00 plus post, can include other items to make up value.


Tube insert.

Total minumum order value $20.00 plus post, can include other items.

Jaco pipe fitting distributor in Australia

You would be able to get the original Jaco plastic pipes for your water piping needs at PSI water filters. They are the original jaco fitting distributor in Australia, supplying different types of Jaco plastic pipes.

The Jaco pipe fitting available with Psi water filters are made corrosion resistant by subjecting the pipe fitting to chemical treatment. All the Jaco plastic components available at Psi such as the Male and Female connectors and the male and the female elbows are subjected to this treatment.

Jaco actually provides four different types of plastic resin fittings for different industrial usage. These pipe fittings would be able to withstand high temperature and also remain unaffected by acid and chemical attacks. All the four types are available with PSI Filters, as they are one the preferred global dealers for Jaco fittings.