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This standard twin house unit is certified to a very high Australian standard.

If your system is not listed in the Conversion Kits category, then you have another option, replace the core part of the unit with our plug and play versions. What this means is you simply cut the 1/4 Inch tubes off your old unit and push the tubes into the unit as pictured on the left, it is that simple.

Once your unit has been converted to the standard size you will have freedom of choice, we hope you will return to us for replacement cartridges but the fact is you are free to shop where ever you like. You will also have a larger range of cartridges to choose from at much lower prices as standard size cartridges sell in a very competitive environment so you get a better cartridge for far less.

The standard range of our Conversion kits use Taiwanese housings which are certified to Australian Standards.

It is conditional that cartridge/s to suit be purchased with this conversion system.

product comes complete, ready for installation.