Undersink filter system conversion to Reverse Osmosis system

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Under sink filter system conversion to Reverse Osmosis system

This kit is suitable to convert your current twin or triple under sink filter system to a four stage  reverse osmosis system similar to the 021-4P.

The kit includes everything needed to carry out the conversion (exc tools). The kit will come pre-assembled ready for the conversion. All you will need to do is remove the pipe between your current filter and filtered water tap and insert the infeed tubing from the RO system. You will then need to mount the assembly to the mounting bracket of your filter system. The next step is to attach the drain clamp to the waste pipe of the sink. Attach the Ro conversion to your filtered water tap and attach the pipe from the Ro system to the ro storage tank. A typically conversion can be carried out in as little at 20 minutes. A full conversion instruction sheet will be supplied.

Included components:

Membrane housing

Membrane (75GPD Dow filmtec)

Mounting clips for membrane housing and carbon post filter (Omnipure)

Auto shut off valve and check valve

Flushing valve

Drain clamp

Storage tank (9L) and ball valve

Tubing (John Guest) Colour coded for ease of installation.

Fittings and thread tape (John Guest or Jaco)

If you have a current twin undersink system supplied from PSI the dimensions of the system with the conversion kit will be approx. 42cm High, 35cm Wide and 14cm Deep.