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Currently out of stock. More stocks due end of December early January. Pre order available 

Whole House System WH-002-RF-AW non-chlorinated water system for Tanks and dams where the quality of water is unknown or non portable. Water obtained from natural sources such as dams, streams, bores and rainwater tanks may contain microorganisms that can pose a risk to your health. This unit can UV treat the water at approx. 50 Liters per Minute.

This system is rated for viruses, harmful bacteria, E.coli. Cryptosporidium, giardia (35lpm), pesticides, herbicides, colour taste odour, suspended solids( Rust, algae, dirt) and VOC's if kept within the treatment rate.

Mounted in a powder coated aluminum box/cover this unit can be mounted to the exterior of a dwelling. Powder coated in a Dulux colourbond stone grey as standard and can be optioned to have various other colours in the colourbond range with a lead time of approx. 2 weeks from the order confirmation. Currently have Monument in stock.

Typically in the past the ultraviolet light units supplied with any of the whole house systems have needed to be placed indoors as they are electronic. This system can be fully mounted externally and only needs to have the mains water supplied plumbed into the system and away from the system.

Unlike the WH002 RF with optional UV system this unit is plumbed between the filter housings and UV light which cuts down on plumbing costs and labour at the installation point.

The system requires 2 x 240v power points to power both UV lights with a  Cable length of 600mm

Stage 1- Sediment pre filter ( typically 5 micron)

Stage 2- Ultraviolet sterilizer Top aqua 25 watt. 304 Stainless Steel

Stage 3- Ultraviolet sterilizer Top aqua 25 watt. 304 Stainless Steel

Stage 4- Re-fillable silver nitrate impregnated carbon cartridge

Internal piping of 3/4" Hot water rated piping with stainless steel fittings (Now updated to have stainless steel hosing internally also) onto the UV lights.

Why do we install the UV light/s between the two filters? The reason for this is that the UV lights can't penetrate any particle sizes greater than 5 micron hence why we recommend either the 5 micron or 1 micron as the pre filter/sediment filter. The carbon filter is the final stage of filtration as the UV light can sometimes give a burn flavour to the water and the carbon filter is there to remove any taste issue with the water.

Having two ultraviolet lights installed in this system gives a great advantage over the traditional type systems with only one UV light. If for any reason one of the globes has been blown in this system you still have the reassurance that you still have one operating uv light at around 25lpm.

The housings are the Genuine PENTEK units. Big White housings are rated to 90 psi pressure. Housing specifications.

These housing are 1" BSP female/25mm. No piping is supplied with the unit on the in-feed or out-feed of the system.

Please note once the order is confirmed the dispatch date will be approx. 4-5 business days after confirming the order.

Treatment rate specs:

Sediment treatment rate - 80LPM

2 x 25watt UV lights - 50LPM

Carbon Cartridge- 30LPM

Filter system dimensions:

75 cm high x 68 cm wide x 21 cm deep

Replacement consumables:

Sediment Pre filters 6-12months -Replacement Sediment filter

Carbon filter 6-12months- Replacement Carbon

Uv bulbs 9000 Hrs or 12 months if running 24/7- Replacement UV Bulbs