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The WH002B-RFI will decrease the amount of Calcium in your water supply. Calcium contaminated water cause taste, staining, and many other problems. Calcium will cause  staining of laundry, ceramic, dishes, utensils, and even glassware. Calcium residue will build up in supply pipes, hot water cylinders and pressure tanks. This reduces the flow and pressure of the water supply to the house. There are also increased energy costs, like pumping water through constricted pipes or heating water with heating rods coated with iron minerals.

Big blues and are certified to Australian Standard AS3497.

Whole house filter system WH002B-RFI is assembled with Taiwanese made Big Blue Housings. We only use the Big Blue housings for our whole house systems because of the minimal pressure drop through the system (20"x4.5"). General pressure drop thru the system is no more than 5psi when first installed. Due to the size of the system and its cartridges it will treat the water up to 20 litres per minute giving you a great performance.

Stages of the system:

Stage 1: 5 micron polyspun sediment filter

Stage 2: Refillable 20" x 4.5" Softener Cartridge

Stage 3: Refillable 20"x4.5" Silver impregnated Cartridge.