Wh-002 Whole House System

  • 20" x 4.5" Housings
  • Chloramine, Lead & Heavy Metals Reduction
  • PFAS Rated
  • 5Yr Warranty


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The Wh-002 whole house filter system uses a 20" big white housing with a 1, 5, 10 or 20 micron polyspun sediment filter. The second stage uses a 20" big white housing with a Matrikx pB1 20" x 4.5" extruded carbon cartridge, 0.5 micron Reduction of PFAS, Giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, chlorine treatment for 158,000 litres and lead treatment 64000 litres.

Optional upgrade to the Aragon Carbon cartridge

These housings are the Genuine PENTEK units (American). Big White housings are rated to 90 psi pressure and the system includes the two cartridges, two housings, powder coated wall bracket, housing spanner,  housings are 1" BSP thread.


720mm High

420mm Wide

210mm Deep


Optional Stainless Steel Bracket plus $25.00

Optional pressure gauges can be mounted to the system (Adds $120) to give an indication of blockage of filters. Supplied with three gauges to monitor the in-feed supply, pressure drop after the sediment filter and the pressure drop after the carbon filter stage giving an overall picture of condition of filters.

Flow Direction- Flow direction will depend on which side of the house the piping enters the house. Typically most installs are from Left to right but can be changed on checkout or when the install is being carried out.

Sediment filter micron- 1 micron being the finest and 20 Micron being the most course. Typically we recommend to try the 1 micron Polyspun sediment filter when using extruded carbon blocks like the Matrikx PB1 or Aragon cartridge.

To download the spec sheet for the Matrikx pB1 click here.

If you would like to purchase extra cartridges or parts with the system here are the links:

Polyspun sediment filter

Pleated sediment filter

Matrikx PB1 20"x4.5"

 Aragon 20"x4.5"


Housing specifications 

3 year warranty

Product comes complete, ready for installation.